Lead in Faith, Family & Business the way you were created to by taking the FEW Women's Leadership Conference. 


"Thank you Kimberly for sharing YOUR gifts with all of us.  God has chosen you to do great things and great things are happening.  It was such an amazing experience learning and growing with and from such EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN!  I feel blessed and honored being on this journey with these incredible women.  It was so comfortable, it felt like I knew everyone forever.  This past weekend was the beginning of a new ME.  God put all of us together that day for many reasons and I look forward to what the year brings for all of us, especially together.  Thank you again Kimberly for sharing your gifts, teaching us from your heart and guiding us, Extraordinary Women, to greater things! God Bless you!" — Mary M. 

I wanted to take a minute and thank Kim for once again filling my faith cup to the top and overflowing with the Women’s Leadership Course. I loved looking back in time through other people’s eyes and seeing where I was and where I am now. I feel like God put me in a time shuttle!!! I can only hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Women like [those at this event] are what will make 2018 the year of the EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN! I feel so blessed to be part of this movement! — Heather T.

The Women’s Leadership Course led by Kimber Krueger has been life changing in so many ways for me! It was amazing to spend two days with so many EXTRAORDINARY women! I joined FEW 1 year ago and have grown immensely as a woman and Daughter of God. It felt natural the next step was to take the WLC! Kimberly’s stories, teachings and imparting words have given me unbridled confidence moving forward. The women of the group were each amazing in their own way and I feel like we were drawn together in this group for a reason. I have a special bond with the women in the leadership course… a bond that will last forever! I especially loved how comfortable Kimberly made each and every one of us feel! I am empowered as I continue my journey, sharing my light, loving others and giving. God’s plan for me is so good! God says “Follow Me” … and that is just what I plan to do! — Mary Kay S.

This jam-packed 2-day interactive course for Christian Women will change the way you see God, yourself and others and therefore catapult you into your God-given destiny as a LEADER in Faith, Family & Business. The FEW Women's Leadership Course is one of the most stellar of resources for women ever created. I believe that with all of my heart! Women will rise because of the truth presented to them here. Taken from the 50 Commands that Jesus gave during His time on Earth, this course will challenge you to the highest form of leadership: Leading yourself! (And who better to take our Leadership cues from?

FEW's WLC covers all of this and more: 

1. Relating with God - What is our relationship with God supposed to look like in daily life and what is the difference between religion and relationship?

2. Relating with People - The right way (I didn't say the easy way) to treat people in all kinds of different circumstances.

3. Resisting Materialism - If our hearts are found where our treasure lies, how do we keep our hearts focused on the 3 things that really matter?

4. A Culture of Honor - What is honor? (The answer might surprise you!) And how can we restore honor to a culture that doesn't seem to value it?

5. Care for Children & the Poor - What does leadership look like as it relates to serving the less fortunate?

6. The Gift of Self-Control - How do I control my emotions and reactions to the many obstacles that life throws at me? Can I ever be a self-disciplined person? (The answer is YES!)

7. Integrity & Excellence - Become a woman who does the right thing when no one is looking.

8. A Heart to Serve - How do we have hearts to serve yet stay balanced in our schedules and have good boundaries in our relationships?

9. A Humble Heart - What does a heart of humility look like during good times and bad?

10. Walking in Wisdom - What does the Bible say about wisdom? Why is it God's secret to success?

11. The Need for Perseverance and Resilience - Why your attitude and mindset can be the ONE thing that gets you across your finish line!

12. Overcoming Fear - We were not made for fear! Let's OVERCOME fear in our lives and RISE above it!

13. Strategies for Faith & Prayer - Without faith, it is impossible to please God, so how do we create a prayer life that is full of FAITH?

14. Walking as Women of Authority and Destiny - To use our authority and walk in our destiny, we must know our true IDENTITY in Christ! 



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